How to Choose the Best Gun Safes in Florida


It took several years before manufacturers were able to come up with the best gun safes system that you can trust. This article will help you find the best gun safes in Florida.

There won’t be a need for you to worry about stranger prying onto your liberty safe and open it easily. This article will teach you how to choose the best safe for your money.

If you are buying the kind of safety that will give you real security and in many instances they are buying the illusion of security. It is said that prevention is better than cure. This will give you the assurance that you have the best gun safe today.

The following factors will keep somebody from being able to pry your safe open. This is what to look for when you purchase your gun safes.

Door Gap. It affects your security. Try to know if what gauge of steel can fit in the door gap. Consider the one with the lesser door gap. The reason that’s important is in a pry attack. If you can’t get a pry bar in there you’re going to be less successful in getting in the door. By just exerting pressure on the door a pry bar in the gap can open the safe.

Door Construction. It is important to consider this factor and how that relates to a pry attack. There are three styles of door construction. There’s what is called a composite door where the manufacturers bend the metal in around giving it a heavy looking edge it’s really pretty thin steel. On some composite doors they weld another piece of steel across the back giving you two layers of steel. The reason this is important because with less steel in the door, the door is less rigid. There are also plates steel door safes which has quarter inch edge. The door can be upgraded to a three-eighths or a half-inch piece of steel in the door. There are doors that look like a plate door that are laminated door where they have a thin piece of steel. They weld some layers of steel to give the edge a heavier look. It does help with pry resistance because it is on the edge where you would pry but you’re better safe if you use a full sheet of steel. It should give much more rigid door to help with the pry protection.

The door gap and door construction of the safes are the most important factors to consider before buying one.

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